Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pulled Pork Nachos

It's time for the Michigan v. VCU game and I'm in the mood for some Pulled Pork Nachos.  I tried these at a BBQ cook off a few weeks back and loved em.  I just happen to have some left over pulled pork in the freezer and some Blu tortilla chips, so this one is a no brainer.  This is the perfect snack for a March Madness Saturday afternoon game.  Here's what you will need.


  • Pulled Pork
  • Tortilla Chips (Blue chips worked well on these, but are not mandatory)
  • Quesadilla Cheese  (Found in the Mexican cheese section)
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Jalapeño Slices


  • Pre-heat your grill to 350 degrees and set up for indirect grilling. 
  • I decided to make these individually instead of a large piled plate of heaping nachos.  I think they are easier to eat this way. (More Fun the other way tho)  I pulled out the larger chips and set them aside. I cut up the round of quesadilla cheese and also sliced up my jalapeños.  The pulled pork was in a food saver bag and thawed out, so I put it in the microwave for about 60 seconds just to warm it up. 

The dogs were waiting for the pork to fall on the floor.

  • I used a cast iron griddle for these.  If I could use cast iron for everything, I would!  Assemble the pork on the chips and add a little sweet BBQ sauce. Sweet Baby Ray's is a great choice or you can use your own.  I went with my own Raspberry BBQ sauce for this recipe. 


  • Added some cheese and sliced jalapeños and put it on the grill for about 15 minutes until the cheese melted.



  • After about 15 minutes, it was melted and all gooey.  I wanted to add some guacamole and sour cream but they were gone before I had a chance to add em.  


These didn't last long.  I will add these to the tailgate menu anytime I have left over pulled pork.  Some grilled skirt steak would also go great on these.  Way to go Big Blue!!!

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