Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pepper Stout Beef

I have been wanting to try this recipe for almost a year now and I can't believe I've waited this long. I am now mad that I put it off for so long.  This was not only easy , but could be my new favorite sandwich. Thanks to Larry Wolfe for this great recipe.  Larry has a great blog at the WOLFEPIT.  Make sure you check it out. It combines everything I like. Meat, peppers, onions and beer.  Find something in that combo that is not good.  I dare ya.  It's not only tasty, but very versatile.  I love it on a toasted ciabatta roll, but could also be served on sourdough, hawaiian bread, french rolls or even regular hamburger buns.  Here's what you will need.

  • 4 lbs chuck roast
  • 3 bell peppers. (I used 3. Red, Green and Yellow)
  • 3 JalapeƱos ( I like it hot. Use 2 for less heat)
  • 1 lg red onion
  • 6 Garlic Cloves (Crushed)
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce
  • 12 oz bottle of Guinness Extra Stout
  • Kosher Salt and pepper 


Start with a 4 lb chuck roast and trim a little of the extra fat. If there isn't any extra, your ready to season it up. What a beautiful hunk of meat.  


Cover the chuck roast with salt and pepper mix.  I love pepper, so I went extra heavy in this area.  It adds a nice crust once the roast has been on the smoker or grill for a few hours.

How good does that look....

I smoked the roast at 275 for about 3 hours with 2 chunks of hickory wood.  This is not mandatory, but I love the hickory flavor.  Cook until the internal temp hits 165 degrees.

The WSM works great for this recipe

Time for that Hickory.

Smoke em if ya got em

While the roast is on the smoker/grill, it's a good time to assemble to the other ingredients. 

Cut up the peppers, onions, jalapeƱos and garlic and add to an aluminum pan along with the Worcestershire Sauce and Guinness. Mix em up and let them wait for the meat.

Where's the Beef? (I had to go there)

After 3 hours, it was time to take the meat off the smoker. The higher temp will add a nice crust to the meat along with a pink ring of smokiness.  


I want to dig in now, but we are still 3 hours away from greatness.

Ready for the veggies.

At 165 degrees, its time to add the meat to the veg.  

Don't forget the Stout!

Add and foil (Tightly)

It's like a perfectly wrapped present.

Crank up the smoker/grill or oven to 350 degrees and let go for about 3 hours.  This will make the meat super tender and keep the juices in.

After about 3 hours, give it a "Peeky Look". The meat should be fork tender and the veggies will be soft and juicy.  If you don't have a pair of "Meat Rakes", get some.  This is one of my favorite BBQ tools. They do a great job shredding and pulling pork and beef.  Go ahead and shred and mix it up.

Yummy Juice

Once the meat and veggies are all mixed up, its time to put everything back in the 350 degree smoker/grill/oven for about 30 minutes until the juice reduces by half.

I can't wait

After 30 minutes, it should look like this.  Grab a ciabatta, tortilla, french roll or just a fork and go to town.


I went with a ciabatta roll for this one.  I had some horseradish sauce in the fridge and decided to add this to the toasted roll.  

Overall, this was one of the easiest recipes so far.  It makes a great sandwich and freezes well. I look forward to making a few PSB tacos, burritos and quesadillas in the near future.  This is a WINNER!!! Please let me know how your version turns out.  ENJOY


  1. This looks really good. Have you made any changes to this since posting it? (that you would share)

    1. Hey Kej,

      The only thing I've changed is adding more jalapeno's. I like it spicy. This is a great sandwich! Thanks for stoping by.

  2. I most likely will try this recipe out this weekend, so thanks for the update. As far as stopping by, thank cowgirl. you are bookmarked and have I already shared this recipe.

    1. Let me know how it turns out. I think you will really like it. I can't thank Cowgirl enough. She is a good one!

  3. Howdy and nice greetings over from germany!

    I love this recipe and i will try it as far as i can. But there is one questions! Can i use pork neck instead of chuck roast? If i use pork neck, whats about the cooking time and the result?

    Greetings from germany

    1. Hey Torsten,

      Greetings my German friend. I am not familiar with pork neck, but can only imagine that you should cook it like a pork shoulder or butt. Cook on grill until it reaches about 195 - 200 degrees F (90-93 Celsius) internally and you can shred the pork with a fork. You can follow the rest of the directions from there. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for following.

  4. Pepper Stout Beef = CRAZY GOOD! Made it this weekend.....One of the best things I have ever made on the kidding. Even my wife loved it. I have to say, she was intially dismayed to learn I got the recipe from a U of M guy...She was a Michigan State Grad., but once she tasted it, she LOVED it! Also, made the potato wedges wrapped in bacon and the bacon wrapped onion rings. Both were awesome!

    1. Hey Tony,

      I'm glad you enjoyed. Larry certainly created a monster with that one. I love it on tortillas the next day for leftover lunch. You can let your lovely bride know that I am also a SPARTY fan. I love all my Michigan teams. The Bacon Onion rings are my favorite. Don't forget the sweet chili sauce at the end. Adds some sticky goodness. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Will do on the Chili Sauce! Another thought on the Pepper Stout Beef...that woudl make a crazy good smoky Pot Roast in the Winter time. Just substitute small potatoes, chopped carrots, and chopped celery for the onions etc in this one!

    3. Great idea! Can't go wrong with that line-up. I miss the cold weather pot roasts for sure!

  5. Joe, this is an awesome recipe! A neighbor turned me on to it, but, I do not have a smoker! I followed the recipe to the letter on a gas grill and it turned out great. The only thing that I did wrong was to use a too large foil pan. The pepper,onion mix got a little charred

    1. Thanks!. Nothing wrong with a little char. I like it.

  6. How many sandwiches can I expect to get from a 4 LB roast?

    1. I would guess you could get about 15 avg size sandwiches.

  7. Made the Pepper Stout Beef today in my WSM. Turned out great and it was a hit!

    1. Hey Greg. I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm trying it with some BBQ sauce thrown in next time.

  8. Made it last night to take to The Grove this morning. Let's see if they like Yankee BBQ. Thanks for the great recipe.

    Go Blue from Memphis

    1. Hey Michael,

      Let me know what they think. It's one of my favorites. Enjoy!

  9. Lovely combination of flavors here.Thank you, this is so detailed!! It sounds amazing and I will be making it this week.