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Grilled Appetizers by BBQDRYRUBS.COM

My buddy David at recently posted on his favorite grilled appetizers and I couldn't have said it better myself.  Kind of ironic that I'm stealing his post on stealing recipes. :) Here it is.  I'm already drooling!

Springtime is in full swing down here in Baton Rouge and life is a blast.  It’s the time of year that most folks are boiling crawfish and breaking out their bay boats.  I have been eating a few crawfish but have spent most of my time goofing off on Twitter and stealing some awesome new grilling ideas from my buddies.  Here are four of the best ideas I have come across so far…by the way, I used my Weber kettle for all of these and it was incredibly easy because I was using GrillGrates.  If you don’t have a set yet then read this post and buy them now.
First up is Grilled Chicken Alfredo Ravioli.  I stole this idea from my buddy Jack over at

Grilled Chicken Ravioli

These are super easy to make and the technique is highly adaptable to all kinds of stuffing.  You are going to make these using won-ton wrappers.

wonton wrappers

For the filling I I used some leftover rotisserie chicken, Italian cheese, basil, bacon and a little Alfredo sauce to hold everything together.

Ravioli Filling

Lay out some won-ton wrappers and add about a tablespoon of the filling onto each wrapper.

On the wonton

Paint the edges of the won-ton with some egg wash, place another wrapper on top and press the edges to seal.  I paint the top of the assembled ravioli with a little more egg wash to get a nice shine and a little puff on the ravioli.

Grilling Ravioli

I grill these over direct high heat (GrillGrates make this so dang easy) for about a minute per side.  Watch these like a hawk..these get super crunchy (which is awesome) very fast and get burnt (which sucks) soon after.  Top the finished ravioli with a little Alfredo sauce and you have got some bite sized awesomeness on your hands! My buddy Joe did a version of these with grilled shrimp; good stuff.
Speaking of my buddy Joe…he has been stirring up trouble and posting pictures of some delicious bacon wrapped onion rings that he grilled up on his kettle. They looked so nice I figured I had to try them myself.
The process is pretty simple.  Slice a large onion rather thick and leave about three rings together.  Wrap the rings with thin sliced bacon and dust with a 50:50 mixture of turbinado sugar and chili powder.

Prepped Onion Rings

I smoked these guys with indirect medium heat for about 60 minutes then crisped them up over direct heat for about ten.  I was using GrillGrates when I was crisping them up which prevented any flareups from dripping bacon grease.

Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Simple and delicious..the onions get soft and creamy, the bacon is crispy and a little sweet.  Go make a few dozen and try not to hurt yourself with them!
Next up are grilled and stuffed avocado halves from the GrillinFool himself, Scott Thomas.  This is another pretty simple concept that comes out extremely well. I started by grilling some marinated shrimp over high heat until they were cooked through and then moved them to the cool side of the grill.  I made sure I didn’t drop any shrimp into the charcoal by guessed it…GrillGrates.  Throw your avocado halves onto direct heat, flesh side down, for about 5 minutes.

Shrimp and Avocado

When the avocados have taken up some grill marks flip them over and stuff them with some chopped up shrimp, bacon and cheese.

Stuffing the grilled avocado

Close the lid to let the cheese melt while the avocado finishes cooking; about another 2-3 minutes.  You know, long enough to go grab another beer.  Here is what these bad boys look like when they are finished.

Grilled and Stuffed Avocado

Last up is an idea that I stole from somebody but dang if I can remember who.  If this is yours leave a comment below and I’ll link up to you later.  Why not grill up some bacon wrapped potato wedges?

Seasoned potato wedges

Cut up some baking potatoes into some thick wedges, wrap in thin sliced bacon and dust with sugar and chili powder.  Throw these onto your grill with indirect medium heat.  Yep, I used my GrillGrates for these as well.

Potato Wedges on the grill

These took about 30 minutes to get the potatoes fully cooked and a few minutes over direct heat to crisp up the bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges

Serve these up with some sour cream for dipping and your guests are going to love you!
I hope you got a little bit of grilling inspiration out of this post.  In all seriousness, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a set of GrillGrates.  You will be thanking yourself all summer long.
Gotta run now..I think there might be something cool happening over on Twitter!!

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