About me

There is not much to know about me.  I am obviously a super sharp dresser with a cool ride as shown in the picture below. (Sarcasm)  Yes, that is a Park Avenue.

I see ya lookin'

I've been known to do some fishin' and enter a few contests.  Prove it ya say?  BLAMMO!!!! (I'm still a little shocked that the newspaper shows a picture of a young boy along with his name and HOME address in the caption)  Great idea Flint Journal.  

Ummm, NO, those are not Jordache Jeans. Really. I promise. Who's Joby?
She was 160 lbs and 7 ft 4 inches. She was released after this pic.

I also love sports. What guy doesn't?  I grew up watching sports teams from Michigan and still follow all of them, even tho I now live in Texas.  Sports are a great excuse to fire up the BBQ pit and have a cold beverage.

I use the same bowl for marinades as I do for my haircuts.

I also loved playing and coaching hockey. I was lucky enough to work for the Dallas Stars when they won the Stanley Cup.  This was a great day!

This would hold a lot of BBQ Sauce

This pretty much covers all the basics.  Now you know more than you should or that I would ever admit.  Once my mom sees this, I fear that she will show up with 4 photo albums full of embarrassing photos.  


  1. Um they would be the former "Minnesota NORTH STARS" ubetchya! Love that mini WSM build.